Improved brand awareness and engagement
on social media and company website

About the Client

Advanced medical imaging technology company with software for nuclear imaging (PET and SPECT scanning software)

Founded in 1995. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

Has a rudimentary presence on LinkedIn and Twitter with no activity and negligible follower base, and a text-heavy website

The company wants to enhance their brand presence on social media and improve their website for better engagement
with their brand and faster sales closures

Brand Marketing via Website and Social Media

Research & Analysis

Performed detailed review of the website, collaterals and competition to understand the domain and company’s product

Brand Awareness

Consistent social activities led to 25x increase in Twitter followers, and 6x increase in LinkedIn page followers by radiologists and medical professionals within one year

Brand Engagement

Increased reach and relevant followership led to engagement with industry influencers and at least 2-3 breakout/viral posts and meaningful business conversations each month

Website Maintenance

Made visual, navigational and performance improvements on the website to increase avg. time on site from <60 seconds to 1:30 minutes

Social Media Reach

Avg. reach of posts/tweets increased 10x on Twitter and 6x on LinkedIn within one year

Client Speak

FocusFew helped us grow our social presence nearly 20x with solid followership and engagement amongst the medical imaging community, our primary buyer profile. This level of social presence goes a long way in helping us strike new conversations, get mindshare amongst potential buyers, and break into their consideration set. We have seen a tangible impact on our brand recall and reputation, which is critical for a company like us that is up against the big names in the industry.

Chief Operating Officer