Digital advertising, Facebook/Instagram management,
and app content optimization

About the Client

A successful brick and mortar life coaching company wants to build a digital brand presence with a mobile app

Founded in 2010. Headquartered in Pune, India

Mobile app has coaching videos, real life scenarios, FAQs, multiple choice assessments

The app has over 100 hours of video content and many more forms of text content for managing life situations

Wants to increase reach and monetize brand digitally using a free-to-download mobile app with in-app purchases

Wants to drive app downloads and subscriptions through FB and Instagram ads, and push notifications

Digital Advertising and Content Activities

Website & App Messaging

Detailed website and app content review with right messaging according to brand positioning

Mobile App Optimization

Improved app navigation and free-paid content ratio to increase monthly purchases by over 200%

FB/Instagram Social Engagement

Facebook page management with visual and text content to complement and support advertising

FB/Instagram Advertising

15000+ app downloads over 6 months with a cost-per-acquisition of less than ₹10 and reached over 3 million people

Push Notification Management

Drove content and timing/frequency of push notifications to increase in-app engagement manifold

Website Optimization

Improved website content, navigation and calls-to-action to increase mobile app downloads