Social media and Quora profile building management for an ERP implementation company

About the Client

An ERP implementation and support company

Headquartered in Boston, MA

200+ Employees

ERP Domains: Financial Management, Inventory, CRM, HCM

Industries Served: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail

Engagement Duration with FocusFew: 1 year (ongoing)

Social Media and Personal Brand Building – Activities

Weekly LinkedIn Posts

Sharing ERP articles from manufacturing/retail/healthcare with visuals, video snippets, carousels

20+ Quora Answers

Built personal brand and online profile of a top company leader by answering ERP-related questions on Quora

Twitter Management

Consistent engagement of topic-based company handle with influencers and interest groups

Website Maintenance

Regular website content and technical upgrade to improve navigation, CTA, and performance

Social Media and Personal Brand Building Results

  • Quality social traffic on website with lower bounce rate (14%) and higher time on site (2:10 minutes)

  • Built thought leadership profile of company leader and ERP expert via regular Quora engagement and cross-channel promotions

  • Company Twitter follower count up from 20 to 300+ with continuous engagement

  • 18+ average engagement per post on LinkedIn

  • Shared 50+ curated LinkedIn profiles to improve leadership connections for downstream sales and promotions

Client Speak

We had executed dozens of projects in many technology areas over our 10+ years of existence when we contacted FocusFew. It has been two years now, and we are at a meaningfully different place today. Our web pages, case studies, sales collateral, blogs, social discussions – everything talks exactly the language our customers want to hear. If you’re looking for a marketing partner to build your brand presence, FocusFew is your best bet.

Founder and CEO