New service offering definition and packaging

About the Client

A product engineering services company

Founded in 1990. Headquartered in Pune, India.

700+ Employees

Provides product engineering services in DevOps, advanced testing, UI/UX and product modernization

The company wants to define and package their past body of work in cloud computing as a service offering

Activities & Outcomes

Market Research

Explored cloud computing domain in detail to identify its serviceable components and common customer challenges and requirements

Service Definition

Identified 4 organizational personas based on external research and internal analysis to create 4 offerings

Pitch Deck

Created a pitch deck elaborating the company’s cloud services with success stories and key highlights

Internal Analysis

Analyzed over 12 internal cloud computing projects to identify repeating patterns and value delivered

Sales Enablement

Elaborated the four buyer personas and created sales training material with elevator pitch, qualifying questions, and work proof-points

Client Speak

We work in a sizeable yet specialized market. FocusFew helps us each day to communicate our unique perspectives to our prospects. The content they build is superbly aligned with our customers’ business. That just puts us head and shoulders above our competition because we now mean something unique to our customer base. With FocusFew in the picture, it is no longer a zero-sum game for us.