FocusFew helps technology companies and companies on the digital path define their offerings, create a value proposition, and create an everlasting, durable brand for their business. Yes, we create blogs, work social media, write web page content, and use digital marketing techniques. But more than anything else, we help companies connect the dots from technology to business and build a brand for life.

Why Brand?

We believe technology is itself no longer a differentiator. Generic services and technology-centric product positioning no longer work. As the world embraces data, artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud, containers, and other new-age technologies, it is looking for clear articulation of what’s in it for them. We don’t believe that technology is eating the world. We think the world is gobbling up technology! So, technology companies need to elevate their discourse and create unique perspectives grounded in their customers’ business.

In other words, they need to build and live their brand every single day.


What our clients say

FocusFew Leadership

Shivesh Vishwanathan

Founder, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mandar Kulkarni

Chief Customer Success Officer and Head of Research