“Changing the world” for us means making the narrative around technology and digital more meaningful to the world. Do you have interesting opinions? Do you get nuance? Can you dumb things down so a six-year-old can understand you? We build strategies to bring technology within everyone’s reach. We write content that simplifies technology for all.

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Our core values help us stay true to our course and move forward ethically.


  • Continuously learn and upskill yourself
  • Hire only A-team
  • Always have a broad perspective
  • Be smart – extract best practices from existing work


  • Track your work regularly
  • Communicate explicitly
  • Don’t give up easily
  • Follow up regularly
  • Own tasks to completion


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Take responsibility
  • Be transparent
  • Be open to others’ ideas
  • Be polite, but always tell the truth
  • Be kind and help others


At FocusFew, we firmly believe that learning and development is a lifelong journey. Staying true to these words, we have set aside a regular ‘Training Day’ for ourselves. A training day is one day every month that a FocusFew team member can pick to learn and develop a new skill that they can apply creatively at work. Through Training Day, we drive ourselves and the company forward – it is a small way in which we live our core values of competence, commitment, and courage.


We believe that hybrid working is the way forward and bridges the gap between traditional workplace and remote working. After working remotely for a year, we have embraced a model of working that blends the best of both worlds. Once every week, we meet for a cup of coffee and spend a few hours together. We streamline processes, develop strategic and value-driven innovative solutions, brainstorm new ideas, and of course, indulge in friendly banter – all of which help us maintain professional and personal interactions. A team can achieve great success only if its members are comfortable.

In 2021

Driven. Innovative. Modern. Best in business.

Current Openings

Role: Digital marketing Associate
Experience: 3-4 years of experience in digital marketing for technology companies
Job Description: FocusFew, a high-end technology marketing consulting firm based in Pune, is looking for a digital marketing professional who can manage and optimize websites, drive visits and engagement, and build brand presence for its technology clients.

Role: Technology content writer
Experience: 3-4 years of experience in technology and marketing writing
Job Description: FocusFew, a high-end technology marketing consulting firm based in Pune, is looking for a content writing professional who can produce content on technology and business topics.