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360° Integrated Marketing

Consultants and technologists can only take you so far. If your marketing is not working for you and your marketing teams are hamstrung and directionless, chances are you need a robust and integrated marketing architecture to succeed.

Who we are

From strategy consulting and content marketing to creative designing, advertising, and media relations, our capabilities cover a broad spectrum. We like to think ten steps ahead and meticulously craft and build marketing strategies that propel your business forward.


With FocusFew Consulting, you don’t just get advice; you get results.

Strategy Consultants? Digital Technologists? Creative Designers?

The truth is, we’re all of them. As marketing architects, we wear many hats – consultants, advisors, writers, designers, social media experts, and many more.


We are everything you need to build a brand that lasts a lifetime.

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Create a resilient customer-centric business backed up by solid research, messaging, and communication.


Our research expertise surfaces the unknowns and shows you the way forward. All our offerings are built on industry insights, competitive analysis, and market research.


Messaging is the final manifestation of the value you deliver. We help you cut through the clutter and stand out from the crowd.


With well-defined research and messaging, we use all digital channels to communicate your message and engage your target audience.

We empower our clients with actionable insights through secondary research. Our team combes through a vast array of trustworthy sources to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your target market. Our “Focal Insights” distills secondary market research into key points, trends, and inferences tailored to your specific needs.


Navigate the complexities of your industry, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

All in a day’s work for us


Customer engagements


Marketing strategy projects (positioning, GTM, market entry)


Websites developed and upgraded


Social media handles managed


Advertising budget handled ($)


Strategy models created to articulate positioning, GTM, and marketing strategies

Our Success Stories

Established strong presence amongst the APAC manufacturing audience for a Fortune 1000 firm

Helped the leading tech giant enter its products and services into the APAC Manufacturing industry with secondary research, articles, and publisher relationships

Created unique and differentiated offering for an established IT services management company

Created product brochures to define company positioning that focused on moving from a predominantly staff-augmentation business model to that of innovation and digital transformation solutions

End-to-end corporate and product deck for an IIT-incubated data science company

Enabled an IT services company to make a simple and effective pitch of their highly technical and complex AI-based solutions to their future, senior, non-technical prospects

Improved brand awareness through content generation for a multinational technology services company

Allowed a large-sized IT firm to scale its content and publish market-breaking articles to generate demand, evangelize the latest technologies, and strike up new partnerships and solutions for customers

Established unique positioning for a manufacturing technology service provider

Helped an IT services organization define its positioning and create a highly differentiated offering around data, intelligence, and AI to solve real customer problems

Increased website traffic and funneled prospects through LinkedIn advertising for an ERP implementation partner

Developed a comprehensive drip campaign with multiple video and static ads to improve brand awareness, increase audience engagement, and drive click-throughs to the website

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